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The Gumshoes

Detectives in training solve preschool size mysteries in the mall. Mary Jane and Jazz are bright, curious, and klutzy young residents of the Shoelock Holmes Bootery in the Willowbank Mall. They’ve joined the Shoelock Holmes Detective Agency, located in the store’s stockroom, where they do their very best to find the answers to mysteries for themselves and their community, the mall’s other inhabitants. The mysteries revolve around a child’s endless curiosity, where good citizenship and neighborliness are underlying themes.

Focus Freddie

When glasses help a young girl see, she gains the power to focus on extraordinary things. Quite a spectacle! Frederica, an energetic six-year-old, gets glasses, and it’s definitely an adjustment. Freddie isn’t always happy about having to wear them, but it turns out that with her new glasses, things appear different, and they are often much more exciting! When Freddie uses her glasses to focus, she can see things beyond 20/20, and her super power helps this young girl enthusiastically save the day. Freddie learns how paying attention pays off, when her abilities to do good, feel good, and help others truly make life so much rosier! A preschool series.

Q.D. Foodie

Eight-year-old Quinn Daisy is a huge foodie with a huge imagination! The host of her own extremely successful pretend talk show and joined by her real friends, Q.D. and her pals make both edible and non-edible creations with food, share recipes, sing and dance along with famous food groups, report on food news, and go “on location” for food adventures, making food relatable, palatable and entertaining, even for the pickiest kids. A series for ages 4-8.

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